June 5, 2012

Index card a day No. 2

Another day, another index card. I can't believe I made a card, two days in a row.

I worked with yellow on my first index card and I knew I wanted to use the color blue for my second. I decided to use one of the weekly prompts, Fish. Thing is, I had nothing Fish related that I could use to quickly throw this card together.

So, I decided to draw something. The problem with that is I have no drawing ability what so ever. None. Drawing is TOTALLY way out of my comfort zone.

That is until I came across this:

 How to Draw a Goldfish in 4 easy steps.

And I did it! I drew a Fish!

I really impressed myself with how this Fish turned out and if you knew just how badly I really drew, you would be impressed too. It even got the "thumbs up" from the super talented artistic husband who can draw anything at the drop of a hat. Now that, totally made my day.

Index card a day No. 2
Supplies: Acrylic paint, white Signo pen, rub-ons, glitter and liquid pearls.


  1. That is a well done fish!! Looks like a pro did it! (And I mean that!)

    Friar Don, OBR

  2. You did a fantastic job drawing that fish.

    I usually look to Mark Kistler if I must draw something. Otherwise I need to stamp or collage.

    Lovely index card!

  3. A fishy with lots of personality - love the touch of glitter. Looking forward to your next cards.

  4. your fish is lovely!!! I'm with you, no drawing ability what so ever... I can sometimes copy by looking at a picture! :) Excellent work.. love teh glitter!

  5. Your fish makes me smile!


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