June 7, 2012

Index card a day No. 4

The goal was to make a quick and easy card.

Easy meant choosing from the list of weekly prompts, I chose Dictionary.

Then I looked through my stash of dusty patterned paper for something that kind of looked like I could have made it myself, a short-cut if you will. Easy-peasy.

But, this short-cut wasn't very quick, it ended up taking a bit longer than I thought it would. Unlike paint, glue takes awhile dry. I always seem to forget that. Of course, working on it in between dinner and such didn't help, as that kind of stretches out the time a bit.

Things I learned while making this card:

  • It takes time for glue to dry.
  • Stamp pads will dry out and do not last forever....or even 15-years apparently.

Index card a day No. 4
Supplies: Patterned paper,  Black ink, Prismacolor pencil


  1. lol! Oh, the irony, right? You picked the right word in the dictionary. ;) Still, the card turned out beautiful!

  2. I'm always saying that things seem to work UNTIL I need to use them. LOL! Even with the challenges, you created a great card. :)

  3. Margareta & Lisa's comments on spot on! So agree - lol!!
    Great prompt and great card :)

  4. Cute card!
    And I know what you mean.
    I went to use an ink pad the other day and it was dry!
    Although it wasn't that old, so I am not sure why!

  5. Oh I love it. Just may need to steal that for a journal page :)

  6. Love the ICAD. Giggled with your commentary ... guess there are just no shortcuts! And I agree ... what's this with stamp pads drying out???!!!!!!!

  7. Lol, yes I forget how long it takes glue to dry. I get so impatient sometimes! Your card looks fab! x

  8. Fantastically creative! Very pretty card.

  9. I'm just laughing about your post. Even though this wasn't a short cut with how long it took I'm loving how it turned out. :)

  10. I know what you mean! Things just turned out..Love your card! Judith, Texas

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