June 27, 2012

Index card a day Nos. 14 and 15

I have to say, I really do like this project. I may not finish an index card every day but I am doing my best to at least work on a card a day. But then once the cards are finished, I have to find the time to share them. Which means some things around here are not getting done.....like the dishes.

Index card No. 14

Here we have a few doodles inside some squares.

Doodling inside shapes is kind of new to me. I usually just fill up the entire page of what ever piece of paper I happen to be using. I think that is probably why I don't usually completely finish said doodles.

Index card a day No. 14

Index card No. 15

My markers sure are getting a work out with this project and this card is no exception. I keep expecting the ink to run out, but they just keep going.

For this card I drew some circles and filled them in with markers. I also used a marker to color in the background and then outlined the circles with a white Signo pen.

Index card a day No. 15


  1. No wonder your cards are taking you so long! Stunning job. :)

  2. love that doodled icad! dots and circles are always a fave too, so combined they make for a winning pair! Let's see some more.... thanks for the visit - sorry I'm slow in responding but have been out of town.

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