December 29, 2011

The sock attempt

I really have enjoyed this past week. No classes, a 4-day Christmas weekend, and since the husband is off of work until next year, I don't have to spend time driving back and forth picking up and dropping off. It's days like this that I find myself thinking...

"Hey, I should totally knit a sock!"

Never having knit a sock before, I figured it couldn't be all that bad. I mean lots and lots of people knit socks. That means it's easy and fun, right?


Things I have learned so far about knitting a sock:

1) I have learned that I don't have enough fingers to use 4 needles and the fingers that I do have, hurt. Like, A lot.

2) Starting over from the beginning is not so bad, but only when you are 4-rows in.

3) Mistakes happen, learning how to hide them will keep me from having to repeat lesson #2. 

I really really really  hope I love knitting socks. 

Sock yarn is gorgeous. Have you seen this stuff? There are so many pretty yarn colors available, I just want to play with them all!

sock yarn


  1. well, good luck. I won't say it's easy but that is where I started knitting 2 years ago. My mother started with me (but she was previously a knitter) and she still has not completed a sock. I recommend top down for your first sock. It's slightly addicting and I carry one sock project with me wherever I go.

  2. Can't you get a round knitting needles - I mean circular knitting needles? This is what I found:

    I love the colours in the yarn in the picture

  3. Anji, for sock knitting you can't really use a circular needle, well not in the way one would normally use a circular needle. The circumference of the sock is too small.

    Now having said that, you actually CAN use a circular needle to knit a sock but it is a bit more complicated/involved. You can use two circular needles (so it is pretty much like using 4 double-pointed needles) or you can use one really long circular needle using the Magic Loop method. Patterns are written differently for these methods as well.

    I figured for my first pair of socks I would just go with the needles that didn't involve me having to learn anything too strenuous. LOL!

  4. Just reading all of that was hard work for me...

    Happy New Year!

  5. I LOVE knitting in the round with little sock needles... but only if they're wood or bamboo! Otherwise the slick metal just slides right out and it basically makes me crazy... I've never done a whole pair of socks (i.e. the heel) yet, though.

  6. Okay, so maybe I am wrong about being able to knit a sock with just one circular. I saw teeny tiny circular needles just the other day. Can those be used for socks?

    I too prefer to only use wood. Well bamboo so far, I will be buying hard wood needles soon. As for metal, I just can't handle it.

  7. @Rachel
    Thanks. The pattern I am working on is cuff down. I have to start over but I think I have the hang of it now. Well at least I think I do. :-)

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