February 14, 2012

I started something...

I know the plan is to FINISH things, but I just couldn't resist starting on a new yarny project. 

I have wanted to knit Saroyan for quite awhile. I figured since I bought myself some super awesome knitting needles, I needed to work on a super awesome pattern using super awesome yarn. Let me tell you, this pattern really is super awesome. I had no idea that I could make something as pretty as a leaf with just a simple decrease/increase stitch. I get giddy each time I see a new leaf form.

This one will be going to my Mom for her birthday, hopefully I can FINISH it in time.



  1. It is pretty. I hope that you finish it in time

  2. Oh nos! I hope you can figure out how to do it. What about checking some local places that might have classes and someone to point you in the right direction?

  3. @Erika Jean,
    Hopefully I will find something that will work with this yarn. I am able to do the join just fine, but just can't make it work with this particular yarn.

    Two of the yarn stores in town charge to talk to someone. There is one that doesn't charge but I would have to go before 5pm and go when there is someone avail (not an every day thing).

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