February 18, 2008

Four Targets later...

*Just a rose*
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…and I am pretty beat!

Last night B and I went to Target. While we were there, I decided to look at shoes to see if I can find some that were comfy and nice enough to wear to work. I found a pair but not in my size. No problem. I pass 3 other Targets on the way home from class so I decided to check them out after school.

I stopped at the Target by the college and they did NOT have my size. Then I stopped by the lovely newer Target by my old apartment. They had my size but only after I wandered down the wrong aisle. I also found another style that is pretty comfy but of course, they were out of my size. So, off to the final Target that is closer to my house. They did have my size in that other style. They also had my size in the first style of shoe I wanted. I should have just went there to begin with. Now that I have some comfy shoes…I really need to find some pants to wear. LOL!

School was good today. I had not planned to tell anyone (yet) about me starting work this next Monday but my instructor had me make an announcement. I think some people are not very happy about me finding a job. Some seem to think that this position (in a major hospital with people I have never met or heard of) was made especially for me. Yeah. I don’t think so. As of today, I only have my coding final and one last anatomy test to take and then I am finished. I am so relieved.

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