February 4, 2008


*tip-toes* {207/365}
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I HATE being sick!

I can actually handle the aches and pains and even the coughing but when the head is stuffy…watch out!

The husband seems to be a getting better though. He went to the ER last Friday and I am trying to stick it out. I was not feeling as bad as him and was actually feeling much better yesterday, that is until I tried to go to bed last night. I ended up on the couch the entire night and did not sleep at all. I am SO congested! I thought that Sudafed would help but so far, nothing.

I managed to get dressed this morning and headed out to school in the blustery cold and was SO happy to be out of the house and to feel the cold air because I was just too hot! I was only able to handle class for an hour and then decided I would be better off at home. The husband also went to work today but as soon as he walked in the door they sent him right back home. Poor guy had to walk all the way to work in the cold rain.

Who knows when I will go back to class. Either way, I did bring home all my packets so hopefully I will get lots of work done.

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