February 16, 2008

Hey everyone!

It’s time to kick off your shoes, put on your stripey socks and boogie down!

Guess who got a job?

Go on.


Did you guess yet? Do you need a little hint?

Well let me tell you a little story.

Yesterday, while in the midst of taking a 26 page test (yes, you read that right – 26 and it is not even the final!!!) I received a call on my cell phone. Since I was taking a test, I could not answer it and the phone number did not look familiar so I did not worry. I was not expecting anything important since the person that interviewed me said it would be a week before I heard anything and her number is an out-of-state number. After the test, I listened to the message and it was the HR department offering me the position!!! As of yesterday, I am an employed gal! I start on the 25th! That was supposed to be the first day of my externship but instead I will be working. I went yesterday afternoon to fill out all the pre-employment paperwork.

Next week is going to be so busy! I have 2 days to finish my class work and one day to take the final (I hope it only takes one day since the school is closed Thurs and Fri). I have to make an appointment for next week for a drug test and physical (which I don’t have any record for my immunizations so I am a bit stressed) and then I have to go back and get my security badge for work. I am working at the hospital near my house but the HR department is all the way across town. Lots of driving will be done. All of this needs to be completed before my orientation on the 25th.

How weird is it that on February 27th of last year, I was pulled into a meeting and told I was no longer employed. A lot sure has happened in that year. I was very lucky that I really did not have to work and was able to take advantage of going to school. If it had not been for the layoff I would still be there, having my life sucked away (not that I would have noticed). I am really looking forward to what this New Year holds.


  1. OH YES!

    Well done honey, so pleased for you!

  2. YIPEEEEEEEE!!!! That is fantastic news Stefani! Congrats girlfriend!

  3. Wahoo! Gainfully employed once again! Congratulations!!! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I don't think it has really sunk in yet. LOL! Maybe when they draw blood on Thursday it will wake me up! :)

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