June 13, 2005

Car-pooling Shmooling!

I don't carpool to my job. It is so far away and my hours are different each day that it is difficult to plan. I am one that likes to be able to do my grocery shopping on the way home or stop off somewhere. I would not be able to do that if I carpooled. Heck! I just like being alone in the car before and after work. It is my time to unwind. When B and I only had one car I hated having to have him drive me. I use my drive time to unwind after work so I don't lose it when I get home. With B in the car - I never got to unwind. He hates rush hour traffic with a passion and the ride home was always more stressful to me than a whole day at work.

About a month ago as I was getting out of my car at home, there was a guy I had just met the week before at work. He was a newer employee in a different department. I saw him again when he moved into the complex this month. He was outside smoking at work one morning when I came in and asked what time I got to work. I told him 8-ish. His shift started at 8:30. He was currently catching the bus at 5:30am. He said it would be good if we carpooled. I thought about it and since I am not on the phones and do not have a set schedule (one day I leave at 7pm the other I leave at 3pm) and told him that it would not work for the evening but maybe the mornings. Every time I saw him he brought up the carpooling. Each time he asked for my apartment number (he forgot it each time). He had a pool party yesterday and I talked to him then about what time I leave. Since I did not want to disturb hubby by having this guy come to the apartment and wait for me, I told him to wait out by my car. I told him I leave at 7:30/7:35am. I told him to just wait for me and I would come running out because I am usually running late. This morning I ran out to my car around 7:40. He was not in the lot. I sat in my car and waited. I then drove to the front and side parking lots but he was not there. I drove back to the parking lot I use and waited a bit. By 8:55 I had to go. So I left. I feel bad because this guy's shift starts at 8:30 and since he is on the phones they are pretty strict. But I got to work late because of this. I got here at 8:15. Granted this is not too bad for me but today my boss came in early (8am instead of 11am) to meet with me. I now have to stay late tonight to make up for this morning. I am hungry but I don't want to leave my cube in case I run into this guy and he is angry. My personality is such that I cannot handle when people are angry at me. I have an interview this morning and really don't need the stress.

So what do you think I should tell him? Should we try again tomorrow? Was I wrong in leaving without him? I don't know the rules of carpooling, so was I supposed to be late for my shift to wait for this guy?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. In fact I'd just visited yours a couple of minutes before finding your comment!

  2. I think it would probably be best that if you try it again, you get his number, that way you can see what's up with him before you go. But for this time, I think you were entirely justified leaving. You don't have to be completely late for someone else and you did tell what time you leave. Plus, is it so much carpooling if it's you giving him a ride? He should accomodate you.

  3. It is true. I am the only one doing the driving. He does not have a car. I still have not seen him today.

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