October 10, 2006

Anyone want to steal my car?

…cause I no longer want it.

It appears that there is damage starting at $500 because there was a donut on the car when it was stolen. Because I did not write down the exact mileage on my car the moment I got out of it, right before it was stolen – insurance will not cover it. Who writes down their mileage every time they get out of their car – just in case?

So not only do I have to pay to fix the bearings on this car, I have to pay to fix all damage as it is less than my deductible. I have no money for groceries much less to pay for the damage done to my car. I am now ticked that it was even found! So from the information I am getting we are talking about $1000.00 to fix this car and $2500.00 + to fix our other car. I doubt we will get a car that works at all anytime soon and we will have to return this rental car very very soon. If I have no car then I cannot work and I am not looking forward to quitting my job!

I told my dad that I don’t want the car to be fixed because I cannot afford it and now he is mad at me. When will he understand that I just don’t have the money?? He just does not get it. :(


  1. sorry Stefani. I hope you can figure something out.

  2. I am sure bummed for you.
    I wish I could help...



  3. So sorry you are having so many problems!! Hope you can work it all out soon!

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