October 7, 2006

Enterprise Rent-a-Car sucks!!!

We are renting a car from then and they screwed up big time!!!

I am here alone at work. The rental car is the only car in the parking lot. The cops were just here and ran the plates on the car. It appears that the rental car has stolen plates!!! The cop told me that if I drove the car with the plates I would get pulled over with guns drawn. SO he took off the plate. He told me he was supposed to keep it but gave it back to me. The cop told me to make Enterprise come and fix it. I agreed. He also told me to tear them a new one (LOL!).

So I call Enterprise. There is only one location in the entire city open today. All other places are closed. I had to call all the phone numbers listed for the company until I finally found one that was open. I told them what happened. They tell me that they don’t want to leave their location at this time. So what happened to “We will come and pick you up?” The gal at Enterprise told me that if I wanted to get this issue fixed that I needed to bring the car to them because they would not come out. This sucks! This is crappy service! I told her that and she said “Yes, I understand. We are open until 11pm. Thanks for calling.” I will NOT be the one to fix their screw-up!

I called back to speak to a manager and the same gal told me that I could not speak to one and had to wait for a call back. I wonder what he will say when he calls me back.

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