October 4, 2006

What was once gone, is back again

Well except for the pool cue and whatever was in the trunk (rugs and towels I think).

Yep! That’s right! The Honda is back!

We received a call yesterday that it had been found. It was parked in the last spot in the very back of an apartment complex in Crackville. Someone had called it in because it had been sitting there awhile. If no one had called it in, I don’t think it would have ever been found. The car was about one-two miles away from our place. I guess it is a good thing that gas is so expensive as the car was on empty (which was how it was when it was stolen) and it did not get very far. I still don’t understand why our car was taken as there are so many more expensive cars in our parking lot. Even today, I was parked next to a Honda that had a CD player in plain view right on the seat. Our car had nothing like this.

Yesterday was pretty stressful for me. The police did not call me. They called my Dad. My Dad called me and we went to get the car. There were no police and nothing was fingerprinted. I was pretty concerned about it. So when I finally got home from driving the car to the mechanic, I called the police. Then while waiting for a call back, I find out from my Dad that the police were actually there and he had been to the car even before I was called. I was ticked! I was ticked that I was not called and was not even given the chance to ask the police any questions. Plus there were items in the car that did to belong to us that could have been fingerprinted. The detective called me back and stated that he would send someone over to the mechanic to fingerprint the vehicle. He told me that there was a conflict between officers that some felt fingerprinting was useless and some thought everything should be fingerprinted.

We were a little bummed actually that it was found. The insurance company was already planning to pay out on the claim and we had been looking at cars. Well actually my Dad had been looking at cars. Now, since the car has been found we will owe $500.00 which we don’t have.
Now we just need to find a car to replace the icky car and we will be on our way to better days.


  1. So glad to hear you got your car back! How is is running? Was it damaged at all? The police thing sounds really wierd! What's up with that?

  2. So happy to hear the car is back...although kinda of like a Keystone Cop situation! Hope you can trade it in for a better one! Good luck!!

  3. Glad you found it. They fingerprinted my car when it was stolen and it didnt do any good. The kids still got away with it!!

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