October 11, 2006

I need a change

Hmmmm. I really do seem to be in a music rut at the moment.

Of course all the music that gets tracked to Last.fm is just the music I have on my work computer so it really does not represent all that I have but dang……I need to stop listening to the same stuff at work!!!

I had huge goals of converting all my Vinyl and cassettes to CD’s but I have been too lazy to convert all of that music. Plus it is really hard to take a CD of B’s and bring it to work. He knows before even looking when a CD (even mine) goes missing out of the tower. Well that is if the darn CD is actually in the tower. We have one of those large CD players that hold hundreds of CD’s. So if I want to borrow a CD I need to ask him to get it for me as he has them in his own specific order. Men! LOL! We will not even discuss the organization of the darn CD tower.

So I have been on the prowl for some different music to listen to. Music just for me ‘cause B does not like the same stuff I do. That is ‘cause I am cool and he is not!! LOL!

So do any of you have any suggestions for some new music for me to listen to?

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