April 15, 2006

I bought stuff

Last night after work I stopped by the local scrapbook store. I had a $25.00 off coupon that I wanted to use. The main item I wanted to buy was the Making Memories tag maker. I am excited to use it. I also had some of the other tag making supplies but as my basket filled those items went back on the shelf. I really wanted to buy some more 'Lil Davis flowers but those gals were long gone. Good thing I got one package already. Some of the items I got (The K.I. for instance) I don't know how I am going to use but I really wanted something new. I was super excited to see the undressed BG chipboard hardware as the store has been out of them for awhile.

I told myself before going in that I was NOT going to buy any paper. I have way too much paper as it is and need to use up my stash first. So what is that in the top left? Yep. Paper. I just had to glance at the Basic Grey display and I saw that they had gotten a new order in. Then while looking and pulling and looking and pulling I realized I could not remember what I already had at home so I only got 4 pages. I think only one of them is a duplicate.

So here I sit with all these new things just staring at me and saying 'come play with me' but I have to be a good girl and do grown up things. Like my taxes. Yep. My taxes. So today I will be doing taxes and maybe cleaning a bit. So.......you may not see me for awhile.


  1. Oooo I wanna go shop too! I have to wait till next week though since there is NO moola this week and dh is already unhappy with me and my lack of spend control. I have been bad. Shopping is not a good cure for depression.

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