April 5, 2006


I don’t know what to write about. I keep trying to post but keep changing my mind about what to post.

Tonight my A$$ will be stuck to the sofa. Not only is LOST on tonight but Amazing Race is now on Wednesday. At first I though that it was at the same time as LOST but since everyone else in the darn US changed their clocks except us, I found out it is actually the hour before LOST.

I guess I am just not in a very good mood today. B decided to yell about the taxes not being done and he just does not get it. We never get a refund unless I claim my home business. He told me today that he was going to take our W2’s to HR Block and that he bet we would get $2000 back (I don’t know what he has against me using Turbo Tax – I have done my own taxes since forever). He just does not understand. Just because his friends or co-workers get that much money back does not mean we will get any money back. We have no kids and do not own a house. I have kind of given up for him to change his way of thinking because he complains about this every year.

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  1. Sometimes men just don't get it. Let him go hear from the "experts" what you already know. Sometimes they just have to learn the hard way.

    I like the pic you posted in this post :)

  2. Thanks. Both for the advice and the comment on my photo.

    I don't know if he will ever learn. He even started griping about it last night when he saw how little we were getting back. I asked him who he was comparing himself to and it was a co-worker that has 2 kids and is on welfare and living in section 8 housing. I was like 'Hello'! She has 2 kids that is about $1000 each. He started griping about how he pays taxes yadda yadda and I told him if he was upset about it he needed to talk to his co-worker because he was paying for her to live that way.

    I really do hate it when people that are living off the system brag about how much money they are getting back.

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