April 13, 2006

What purty colors

Today has not been that bad. We decorated Easter cookies for motivation. The only thing they motivated me to do was eat them as I felt like I slacked today. I have been good though and only ate 2 cookies and decorated 6. Then I got home and ate 2 more. Man! This team sure does like to eat!

I am kind of irked though. A good friend and co-worker had surgery yesterday. Another co-worker (M) and I had planned to take her some of the cookies we decorated today. When I got to work I found out that she's called other co-workers to update them on her condition but she did not call me (and she has my personal number). Then I overheard another co-worker talking on the phone and getting directions. When this co-worker said goodbye she told me she was going to take the cookies to our co-worker. I told her that we (M & I) had already planned to take them to her and this gal tells me 'oh well, bye' and leaves with the cookies. So basically, I am out of the loop and feeling really self-conscious about it cause if you don't know it already, I take everything WAY too seriously. And I just know that when my co-worker gets back she is going to bothered that I did not go over to visit or contact her. I tell you....I hate working with women. I need to go back to being the only girl on the team. My days were a lot less stressful.

Today felt more like a Friday so I just know that I will not be in a working mood when I go into work tomorrow. Today took all my energy to just get out of bed.

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