February 15, 2005

Tea for two

Tea for two? No way. Just tea for me.

I love tea and cannot get enough. In fact B does not like me to buy tea as he says I have enough - he is not a tea lover and will only drink basic black. *Ü* I don't think he understands that I drink different teas depending on what mood I am in. One of my new favorites is Rooibos tea. Usually with vanilla and honey. Very yummy. I like me the red teas!

Lately, I have been seeing the Adagio tea buttons on different websites. While reading Julie's blog today, I know now what the buttons are for. I have no problem advertising for tea. Hmmmmmmmmmm I think I need to go and make me some tea now.


  1. That is great tea! I love it. Did you sign up to get some free for advertising on your website! What a neat deal. I am getting free ingenuiTEA out of the deal! YEAH!

    I like the new blog look!

    Happy (late) Birthday!

  2. Tea should be brown, with milk and 2 sugars...anything else is simply American. Sorry, but you yanks have no clue..lol

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