February 9, 2005

Wednesday - Works-in-Progress

I have not been feeling well so I neglected my poor computer this past weekend. Since I was not feeling well to go to work, I was also not feeling well to work on any projects. Then of course last night (Tues) I found myself working on my ribbed scarf and not even getting to one row when all the stitches came off the needle. I got them all back on but it was just not right. I mean the end of the yarn was four stitches from the end and not at the end like it was supposed to be. I just threw in all in the bag and decided to stress about it later. So fast forward to tonight…..I fixed it. I can tell where I frogged it too but that is just because I am anal. LOL! So here is a current picture of my ribbed scarf. I am using two skeins and have just started with the 2nd one. I was surprised how it looked when I hung it on the wall, as I had not noticed how the pattern of colors looked. I really like how the pattern is turning out. Now I did just start the 2nd skein so I am hoping that with this 2nd one it does not change the pattern too drastically. Is it too much to wish for that the pattern stay exactly the same? LOL! I can see though in the top left that it is changing already.

As for the garter stitch scarf, I am going to start over and do a different pattern. Probably make 2 scarves instead of one and make them single colored. I have never started a project and then changed my mind and decided to make something else before. Of course, I have never made anything specifically for me, as they have all been gifts and are specific in what I decide to make.


  1. Great design in the scarf.

    "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." Joseph Chilton Pierce

  2. Great job on the scarf!! I wish i could knit, I have tried many times but struggle with being left handed and only having right handed teachers. :(

    By the way, you background texture make you blog quite difficult to read - at least on my computer any way.

  3. SamplerLady - Thank you for the comment on my scarf. I am looking forward to finishing it.

    Jen - Thank you for the comments on my scarf. I learned to knit using a book. I know that they do include left handed instructions. Have you looked at any? I am sorry you cannot read the blog too clearly. Is the white part not showing?

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