February 3, 2005

Project Update

I am such a slacker. I start to write an extremely interesting update and then I never post it. I mean it is really interesting and yet the time passes and I post something else. Same thing with updating my template. I have everything ready to go except a couple of things but I never change it. So today's post.........it is ummmmm one of the not too exciting ones. Well that is if you do not like crafty things. In fact I uploaded these photos last night and still did not update.

I am almost done with my garter stitch scarf. I am really not loving this scarf. Well I do think I will be excited once it is done but there are many things I do not like about it but I can say I have learned not to carry the color up the side on this type of project. Another thing is that it appears to no longer be straight. I have checked and I do have the correct number of stitches (no increases) but if you look at the picture you can see where the scarf is getting wider. I did find myself telling B that he is to no longer make any comments of any kind (good or bad) concerning this scarf or I will stop and may not start again. LOL~!

So even though I have many projects that I need to finish I did decide to start a new one. The other day I bought a couple of skeins of LionBrand Jiffy and I am making yet another scarf. Now I do not know what I will ever wear these scarves in the desert but I am excited to make them. This scarf is a knit2, purl2 rib. I love it!!!!! I realize that once I am done with this scarf I can move on to a much larger project with confidence. I started this new scarf the other night at 11:30pm (when I should have been in bed). Well I was in bed but I thought starting a new project would be better then sleeping. I did not like how my first attempt was coming out and restarted it making it not so wide. Now B is asking me why I get the cool scarf and he gets the icky scarf. Yeah. I don't think he likes the garter scarf either.

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