February 16, 2005

Too early for spring fever?

B is not feeling well. He has not felt well for the past 2 days. I think he has the flu. I sure hope not because he sure does get grouchy when he is sick and I really don't want to catch what he has. Not because I don't want to be sick (although that is a good reason) but because I will have to take care of myself. What is it with men that when they get sick they expect to be mothered but when the woman is sick we have to fend for ourselves?

I wonder if I should go home early today. I wonder how I will work that out. I mean I already took Monday off of work and I always have Friday off. How sad is it that I cannot even work a full 3 days a week? Maybe I have spring fever or is it too early for that? There is nothing left for me to do here and I am bored. Of course you will never hear me admit that.

As for my projects......I have not worked very much on them so pictures are definitely not necessary.

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  1. Ha, I wondered that myself a little while ago. My boyfriend came home with this nasty flu, and he vegged on the couch for three days. He went back to work, and that morning I woke up with the same stupid bug, and I managed to still do laundry, dishes, and get up and do my normal things...all while feeling like total CRAP. Men.

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