November 27, 2006

Here’s the problem

After looking at Happay’s Christmas layouts today, I am in the mood to catch up and scrap all of my Christmas photos I have put off scrapping. Yep! That’s right. Put off. I realize that I don’t scrap them because there are so many and I feel I cannot do them justice.

I never even buy Christmas themed paper because I don’t want it to just sit there. However, recently I did break down and buy some Basic Grey Fruitcake. Yummy! (the paper – not the cake). I want to use it for a different layout though…but still…..I have purchased some winter/Christmassy paper recently and I want to use it.

See this?

This is a problem.

This is a 3 page (8.5x11) layout that I started years ago. Everything is stuck down. All it needs is journaling and I want to put down everyone’s name that are on the pages. I remember not being able to finish this layout when I first started it because I had purchased some holiday rub-ons to use and promptly lost them. I recently found them when I was cleaning up my stuff but I put them in such a great spot, I cannot find them!!! So I guess I cannot work on this layout at this time. I also don’t remember where I was going with this layout, so my style has changed.

Do you want to know the saddest thing? I do not even know what year these photos are from!!!!! I think it may be 2002 but I will need to check. The pictures are not digital so I have to look at negatives to find out. Wish me luck!!

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  1. just write something on it and put it away. better to have it done. THen, start something new! Scraplift if you have to!

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