October 26, 2010

I lost him in the mosh pit

I have always considered myself to be an indie/electronic/songs you hear on commercials type of girl. Well lately anyway. Growing up none of the songs I listened to were on any commercials much less played on the radio. But it's not just this type of music that I like. I do have my goth (with just that little bit of punk) side that got me through those teenage years. It's all still there. It comes out occasionally.

So when the husband called on Sunday and said he got free VIP tickets to KFMA's Fall Ball 2010, I said sure, why not. I don't know who's playing but if the tickets are free, I am there.

We had to wait until he got off of work so by the time we got there we had already missed Suicidal Tendencies (one of the bands we had hoped to see), Authority Zero & Circa Survive. Sick Puppies was the band that was on the stage when we got there and I have to say that I was really impressed. They put on a great show and their bassist rocks! She was awesome!

As for A Day to Remember...well all I remember is the huge mosh pit. The band wanted to have the largest pit and the crowd obliged. I of course being short (and old) moved AWAY from the pit, and in the process lost sight of the husband. I figured he had gone into the pit and I was right. A couple of songs later he arrived, dusty and happy with beer in hand. That pit got him all the way to the front of the stage.

Now on to Bush. Let me just say....Bush was amazing! They put on a really good show. I have to say that Gwen Stefani sure is a lucky gal cause her hubby sure is a cutie (just don't tell the husband I said that).  He reminds me a bit (and I am dating myself here) of Michael Hutchence. What with the hair and the way he danced. Total flashback.

Then there were the Deftones. Yeah, I didn't like 'em. Definitely not a band that sounds good live. After a few songs we made our way out of the crowd and headed home.

Definitely all in all it was an awesome way to spend a Sunday night.

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