March 29, 2011

Not so easy on the eyes

After all the courses I have taken so far towards my certification, I thought I would just breeze right through this current online course of mine. The subject matter should be familiar and when I printed out the syllabus the lessons appeared to be quite short (only 4-5 pages of instruction per lesson) when compared to my previous courses. I figured I wouldn't have a problem with working all day then spending and hour each night to work on my lessons. That is until I got to lesson 3.

Lesson 3 says...

Again, although you have already taken a course in anatomy as a prerequisite for this course, Book Four is an anatomy workbook and the material is specific to information commonly encountered. Please read sections C-N. Follow your reading by doing the exercises in the book.

So guess what section I am currently on...That would be section E. It took me days to get through reading the first two sections. That's right, Days! As in more than one. There are over 420 pages to read for this lesson. Four hundred and twenty!!!

It wouldn't be so bad if I was reading from an actual book that I could take and read anywhere, but the information I need to access is only available in online form.

After a full day of sitting in front of the computer screen, my eyes hurt. I go to bed with eyes so red they look as though I spent the evening at the bar instead of being the goody two shoes that I am.

Only 10 more letters (sections) to go. Hopefully the next time you hear from me I will be further along in the alphabet.

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