January 20, 2012

one little word

I am not a person that makes New Year's resolutions, but I do like the idea of choosing one word that I can focus on through out the year. I have chosen a word in the past and this year I have done it again.

I guess, in a way, you could call it a resolution.

The word I chose for 2012 is FINISH!

That means....

FINISH what I have already started.
FINISH anything new that I start.
FINISH projects. 
FINISH my classes. 
FINISH this post.


  1. What a great idea! "Finish" is a word I could use too, but I think "start" is really the word for someone who procrastinates like me.

    Read and be read ExposeYourBlog!

  2. Perfect word! I think I will adopt Finish as my motto for this year as well - although I believe I already have selected travel :)

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