July 5, 2012

Index card a day No. 17

For my next index card, I took pieces of tape and randomly stuck them down all over the card. I then colored in all the non-taped open areas with a black marker. Once that was done, I pulled off the tape and doodled in the white space that was left.

I was going to leave it at that but it just looked too plain to me, I felt it needed something more. So I added Liquid Pearls for dimension.

Voila! Done.

Index card a day No. 17

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  1. oh how ♥LUSCIOUS♥ is that??! pink and black and silver??! YES, please!!! (you know, before i read the text, i actually thought the pink pattern was still the tape... you know, the deco kind... and i was going to ask where you got that b/c it's soooo cool!!!) ♥

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