November 25, 2013

something new

I bought a new pair of glasses. 

The prescription is so strong that I feel like I am in a fishbowl and everything is in 3D. It's so strong that I actually can't really see all that well, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of wearing glasses.



  1. How long did they say before you get used to them? or, did they mess up?

  2. I hit enter too soon, forgot to say, at least the look great, even if you can't seel.

  3. Thanks Rhonda. I am still getting used to the frames. They are a little different than my previous ones.

    I was told to wear them for a week and see if my eyes would get used to them. I went back after just a couple of days. I cannot read anything closer than arms length out of one eye so working was an issue. I am now waiting for a new lens in a lower prescription for my right eye. Hopefully, once I am able to read again, I will also be able to see in less than 3D.

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