December 29, 2013

It was all over in just a blink of an eye

White Christmas Tree

Christmas has come and gone and I am left wondering, where did it go?

When I was younger, I remember Christmas being much much slower. This year it just sped on by.

This year, Christmas Eve was spent with my family at my parents' house and Christmas Day was spent with the in-laws. It was nice being able to visit with everyone but all the visiting was over way too soon. I remember Christmas Eve used to last past midnight. Now people stay for just a couple of hours.

But I can't complain. I'll take any time that I can, no matter how short, to spend with my family. So even though I only had a couple of hours, I still had a good time.

So how about you? Did you have a good Christmas?


  1. Merry Christmas! Your tree is beautiful! Holidays are wonderful, but I am always glad to go back to the normal routine and quietness of life without the bustle. Christmas was good this year; emotional with my diagnosis and fear of the unknown, quiet because we decided we needed to concentrate on rest and relaxation and peaceful because we didn't hit the stores. Yes, it goes by fast... faster every year. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you Euvah. I am glad that Christmas was good for you this year. I agree. Holidays are wonderful but I do look forward to the calm of a regular day. I am happy to see that you are back to blogging. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It is good that finally after all these years they know what is wrong but super scary in what the results are. I wish you a good 2014!

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