October 7, 2014

The start of a new ripple

And then there were two.

I've started crocheting a new ripple blanket. 

Christmas will soon be here, only a few weeks to go if you stop and think about it, and I have 2 blankets to crochet this year.

Three or so years ago I started making one ripple blanket each year to give to one of my nephews/nieces. One of my brothers has 5 kids and so far I have made blankets for 3 of them. This is the year I get to make blankets for his youngest, the twins. I am actually pretty excited that I get to actually make a "girly" blanket this year.

|| Ripple Ripple ||

I LOVED using Knit Picks Brava on my last ripple blanket. I wanted to use it again but had read online that the yarn now comes from China instead of Turkey. The majority of the reviews were not kind. I decided to just go ahead and order the Brava. So far, it's been okay. I did get some skeins from Turkey and I can definitely see (and feel) the difference. I much prefer the original yarn (from Turkey). But I have to say that even though the new yarn (from China) is much much thinner and kind of shiny, it still feels soft once I have crocheted it.

Have you tried Knit Picks Brava? What do you think of it? 

The start of a new ripple

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