November 3, 2015

To cat or not to cat, that is the question

OH my God!

You would think that we had a newborn in the house.

This fluffy ball of terror has been yowling non-stop since around 2 am. With only a couple of hours of sleep, I am barely functioning today.

October 14, 2010

She's been to the Vet and is currently on medication for other issues. As far as we know she isn't in any pain. The yowling started when our other kitty was ill and then continued (and got worse) after she passed away.

The husband doesn't want another cat and even the Vet has said that a new cat or kitten would probably not be a good idea.

But when she cries all night like she did last night (and this morning). I can't help but think that she is lonely and that a new cat would help. I remember back when she was a kitten, she was super annoying even back then (16-years ago) and that was the reason why we got our other cat Cairo in the first place.

The Vet feels that since the she may be feeling better, she is being more vocal. She also likes to mention that cats ARE nocturnal and then again the topic is brought up that she may even have senior cat dementia.

I have no idea what to do. Do we get another cat? What if that doesn't work out? If we get a new cat it would be for life, so what happens if they end up hating each other?


  1. Wow, that's a tough call to make. Maybe consider adopting another older kitty who you know has done well around other cats? But not one that has always been an alpha kitty. I've read that cats don't "talk" to other cats, they talk to their people. Maybe she is just looking for more attention from her hoomans!
    Best wishes in figuring out the best solution.

  2. Thank you abookaddict.

    If we do go with getting another cat, an older cat is what we would probably get. It's just trying to figure out how old is too old. A lot of the older cats that I have seen up for adoption are bonded with another or have health issues. I just want to find a nice older cat that is smaller than the one I have now and one that won't pick on her. Because my cat is definitely NOT an alpha kitty.

  3. Hi Stefani
    Thanks for visiting my blog. We got a feral kitten a few years ago and he wailed every night for 3 nights. In the end we got him another kitten and he shut up within 10 seconds of it's arrival. A bit of an extreme measure though!

    If you like mixed media you will love Gelatos, there are so many ways to use them.
    You can draw onto paper and then wet them with a baby wipe and blend them. You can use them on stamps and stencils. Or you can put a stencil over them and wipe them off with a baby wipe - this is a really cool effect. You can also use them just like watercolour paint.

  4. Try fostering an older cat - if they get along then you can adopt, if not then you don't have a long term commitment. Yowling in older cats can be distributive - how is her hearing? My older cats began vocalizing more when they lost there hearing. Have you tried Feliway to clam her? Thanks for stopping by Callie's Gotcha Day on Ladies of Autumn.

  5. Lynne (Sketching with Dogs), that is exactly what I hope will happen if we get another kitty. When I first adopted my cat she was the same way, very needy. That is why we adopted a 2nd one and it was just what she needed. Now she is alone again. I would think the same thing would work, but she is now 16-years old and I am worried that she may have changed in her old age.

    Thanks for the additional info on the Gelatos. :-)

  6. Cats of wildcat woods, Thank you for the suggestions. I have thought about fostering, but all the ones I have looked into only foster sick or troubled behavior cats. Since my kitty is already ill, I don't believe I could handle having more than one sick cat.

    Actually yes, I have tried Feliway. Since using it she only hangs out in the room where it is plugged in and sleeps most of the time, but the wailing continues. We have tested her hearing and she may or may not have issue with that depending on who you talk to. She started the vocalization when our other kitty was sick, but we think it was due to her also being ill at the same time.

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