April 27, 2016

W is for Whoohoo

We finally found a friend for Olive. Yay!

The local shelter posted the following video on Monday night and before the doors opened on Tuesday morning, I was there to adopt her.

I picked her up the next day after her spay surgery. So I am back to taking care of a "recuperating" kitty. She is quite active for just having surgery. When I left for work the next morning the poor thing was meowing at the door wanting out of the room that we have her in. It will take some work to keep the two cats separated for now.

She is a super tiny little thing. Looks about the size of a 3.5 month old kitten. She may be older than they originally thought though. Instead of approx 3.5 months she may be closer to 6 months. I am glad that she and Olive are probably a lot closer in age than we first thought.

Now we just need to decide on a name.

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