January 18, 2017

January so far

Well I just disappeared there for a bit didn't I?

I have wanted to post for awhile but I have a 2016 video that I wanted to post first before I posted anything else on the blog. But, being the huge procrastinator that I am, I am still working on the video.

So, I am just going to go with it. When I get to finishing the video I will post it, but for now lets talk about how fast January is going. I cannot believe that the month is already halfway over!

• This month, I bought a mini Moleskine diary with the intention of using it as a daily mini art journal of sorts. Having never done art journaling before, it's all so very new for me. I don't know how to sketch or draw so the small page size is just what I need. I am looking forward to filling up all the little pages this year.

My baby Moleskine finally arrived today. It's very small and since I don't know how to sketch or draw it is exactly the size that I need. Now I just need to get caught up with Draw Riot Daily. Is 11:00 pm too late to start? 😜

• The weather has been quite nice here in the desert. Other than a very wet Winter storm last weekend and another that will be here this weekend, it has been business as usual around here. The leaves just started changing color on the trees this month too.

Outside 🌵

• All has been well with the kitties this month too. I cannot believe that next month it will be a year that we have had Olive!

Best buds, maybe

How's January going for you so far?

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