October 12, 2004

I scrapped!!

Well not really but I did do a little bit. I exacto'd some letters for a title and matted them. I am hoping to finish a layout that I have had glued down for awhile (okay months) except for the journaling and title. I am hesitant about the journaling. I am using a pre-made/store-bought tag and I want to print right on it. My printer has been acting up and leaving dirty smudges on the paper. I had thought about printing on vellum and sticking the vellum on the tag but I may just go with printing directly on the tag and if it gets icky I will have to buy another package. right? LOL!

I did manage to get a few things completed and cutting out those letters was good for me. I am trying not to feel like I should have done more. I work 10 hours days so I am at work for 11 hours (this includes lunch). Add about an hour for the drive to and from work and I am only home (and awake) 3 hours a day. It is hard to acomplish stuff (for me anyways) and I hate using my days off to clean.

Well back to the grind. There are only 2 of us here at work today.

My to do list for this week 10/11-10/17 ( I am a Mon- Sun type of gal):

1) Clean the house (I only need to clean 3 rooms - it is not as big a deal as I am making it out to be)

a) Room #1
b) Room #2
c) Bathroom
2) Organize scrapbook supplies and MK inventory (this should get done while I am cleaning room #2)
3) Laundry would be nice - Yes is sure would be nice
4) Take car battery to auto store to see if they can recharge and hope and pray that is all it needs.
5) Connect my Aunt's computer
6) Dye my hair (hey is has been so long I am sure another weekend would not hurt). I found many silver strands this weekend. I usually do not notice
7) Exercise ast least 2 times this week - 3 times would be better
8) Pick up library books that are hold
9) Mail cards to friends that have been waiting to be sent out

10) Get reprints of baby photos
11) SCRAPBOOK!!!! (well I did a little. Don't know if this should really be on my list as it is not a CHORE! - Or is it?)

Home business stuff to do:

1) Take MK order to customer (appointment made to deliver on Friday)
2) Place new order from company DONE! YAY!
3) Mail customer order I recieved this weekend (Darn P.O. is closed today)
4) Make deposit (Darn bank is closed today)
5) Mail Thank you cards

6) Complete weekly reports

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  1. You signed comments in my blog Mookie's Blog and you asked if the scrapbook page I did was digital. Yes, everything I got was from Scrapbook Bytes dot Com. I'll take a looksie around your stuff! Thanks for visiting me!


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