September 30, 2005

Big Gripe!

Okay. My husband is driving me crazy. He has ticked me off all day today. It is just the little things but they are really getting to me. Like why does every other word have to be F***??? I am so tired of that! We went grocery shopping tonight and he is just griping about everything but then turns it around and makes it sound like I am doing the griping. For instance, I am checking out a label. He complains that I am taking too much time. So I put the item back and he complains that I did. I told him if I cannot check the label, I am not going to buy it. Then as I am walking down the aisle, I come across an empty cart. I go to move it out of the way as it is in front of what I want to look at. He then pulls our cart further down and comments that I don't have to have the cart next to me all the time. What the heck does that mean? I am the one pushing the darn thing. Does he expect me to just leave it there? And why is it he cannot just buy 'regular' food for 'regular' meals? Why does he have to make the gourmet crap all the time? I mean, I loaded our cart with tons of stuff that can be eaten for all meals but he only had his mind on making peach French toast and he put tons of stuff in the cart ONLY for that one meal. And get this.....he did not even find the bread he needs. I hope he realizes he will be the only one eating this meal. He gets mad that I don't cook but when I do cook, he complains that meals are not fancy. Ok. I take that back. It is not complaining about the food not being fancy. It is his comments on how I could have made it more 'his' way. Argh!!! He will not even let me plan a menu because that means he will not get to cook. Oh and planning a few days a week for him to cook never work either as he is never in the mood. He would not even let me put his frozen pizza in the oven tonight because he wanted to make all the pieces 'perfect'!

Okay. I am sure you are tired of reading this and I don't want to think of more things that upset me right now as I think I am making it worse. I think my gripe has gone on long enough. Thanks for reading. Now back to all the pretty stuff that belongs on my blog.

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  1. Sometimes I just don't get my husband either. I'd post more gripes about him but he knows my blog address and actually reads it. Sigh. Hang in there. Maybe we need some scraptherapy next week when our tres amiga gets back?

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