September 13, 2005

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Things have been pretty quiet around the ole blog lately. Sorry about that.

Last Friday, I met some friends to scrap. I again amazed myself with completing 2 whole pages! I think it has to do with the company I keep. A and R you are both a great inspiration to me. I really do need to scan them and share. Soon, very soon.

Work has been busy and I am in the mood not to be here. Maybe because today I feel a sore throat coming on. I don’t want to be sick and I don’t like that fact that I may be getting sick. I think I know who to blame that on. Thanks a lot Happay Mommay!! (although Crazy Mama may have had something to do with it too).

Now I need to go and take a yarn test so that the Happay Mommay won’t yell at me. LOL! Be back soon with the results.


  1. well, where are those results?

  2. Hey! I was mostly better by then :p I'm sure it was R that got you sick! hee hee

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