December 27, 2006

Darn that eBay!

I should have been scrapping.

Instead, I have found myself drawn to eBay and bidding on QuicKutz dies. Which is kind of silly since I still have not broken in my new toy. Okay, I did open the box and look inside but I have not yet taken it OUT of the box or even tried to use it. I plan to though….sometime soon.

Even if I don’t think I need the die, I am all for getting a good deal and it does get exciting - but it sure is hard to bid when all you have is a dial-up connection. Thank goodness, for that huge bolt of lightning that struck nearby that forced me to turn off my computer or else I probably would be totally out of control!

I used to bug B about his bidding on eBay and now I see why he could never get away from the computer. I think I am done for now though (read: today). At least the items I am bidding on are a lot less expensive than what B bids on. Let’s just say that my tiny purchases do not compare with the hundreds he has bid away.

And now…. I present to you…..the items I won tonight.


  1. well, it looks like you will have some fun with those!

  2. break it out girl! don't wait! have fun! i love the photo turns ... I want to get the skinny nameplate type. and of course i'm drooling over alphabets. LoL. Get to using it though... spend more time scrapping than on ebay! (Believe me, I know how hard it is to tear yourself off eBay, too!)

  3. Thanks Rachel. I really tried to get some that I thought I would use more than once. I am looking forward to them arriving in the mail.

  4. Sam - I know I need to break it out and use it but darn I keep getting distracted. I was gone all day today too so that did not help.

    I am trying to stay away from eBay. I don't think it will be too much of a problem. However I really think I want to go to MMU and buy the Sunshine font they have on sale this week. I just really don't have the money. :(

  5. Take it out and use it girl!!! Once you get your new dies you will want to use them. You picked some good ones, ones that you can use over and over agin.

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