January 5, 2009

I just have to get it all out!

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So today it was back to the grind...well for pretty much anyone I would think. I got up early and actually got to work a bit earlier than usual. So totally out of the norm for me. Maybe that is why I am so tired. Work was non-stop and surprisingly I got a lot done. I have found that listening to my iPod all day really does help me to concentrate. Now I just need to find all the good music I used to have on my old work computer. The disks are around here somewhere. I really am tired of listening to the same few songs but having only 2GB free on my computer really does limit the music choices. Actually it limits ALL choices. Anyone want to buy me a new computer?

I really did enjoy my time off this past holiday. Before the break (no pun intended) I finally got in to have someone look at my finger. Back at the end of October/beginning of November I broke the tip of my finger. It was super crooked and bent and I finally realized it was not getting any better. I have what is called a mallet finger. The x-rays show that the bone was indeed broken but had already fused back together. Nothing can be done about it now but I am to wear a splint to strengthen up the ligaments. Wearing a splint makes it pretty hard to type or blog or do just about anything. So I have been a bit quiet on the Internet front.

Christmas Eve was spent at the parents with lots of family. Since people don't arrive until late we showed up late ourselves but still have a nice time for the couple of hours we were there.

Christmas Day was different this year. For years the husband has been wanting to cook on Christmas and this year he did. We had both sets of parents (and nephew #1) over for Prime Rib. It was all very tasty and everything worked out great. Well except that I have absolutely no pictures from Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Oh well.

New Years Eve was spent at home. We ordered out and popped in a movie. The husband was asleep by 9pm. I finished watching the movie in time to hear the gunshots (and cannon), Then I got myself to bed. How exciting life is as one gets older. LOL!

New Years Day was spent at the in-laws. Well that evening anyways.

Saturday was the husband's birthday. He decided he wanted to cook another Prime Rib so that is what he did. So he did all the work for his own birthday dinner. SWEET! My sister joined us for dinner and we had a very nice night.

That then brings us back to today. Monday. Where all the fun ends and reality begins.


  1. Boo to going back to work, but hurrah for a fun and relaxing Christmas! Sounds as though the finger is starting to heal up too, which is good.


  2. I had no idea you broke your finger! Steve broke his thumb last year in Korea and they wanted to hack it off! Yeah, it is crooked, but it is still there. Glad yours is healing.

    Sounds like you had a great holiday. Back to the grindstone. We are back in Singapore - and I still can't swing that 14 hours. I hate the trip!

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