February 15, 2009

Making contact

I have a question for those of you that wear contacts. When you wear contacts are they comfortable? Do they blend into your eye or do you constatnly feel them?

I have worn contacts off and on for many years. Many different kinds from soft to hard. I had stopped wearing them for awhile but a few years ago I decided it was time to wear them again. I bought some soft contacts and they worked okay. My eyes are always dry so I am used to them being even drier when I wear the contacts. But that is something that I have learned to live with. Then one day I had a problem with the contact in my right eye. It hurt. I couldn't see anything wrong with it and it was a fresh pair. I stopped wearing them just in case it was my eye. Well a couple of years passed with me just wearing glasses and forgetting about the contacts.

I have been wanting to wear my contacts again so I decided to start again. I opened up a fresh pair and put them in. The left eye felt just fine but my right eye had that same pain. It feels like the contact is hard or that there is something in my eye. When you look into my eyes you do not even see the left eye contact but the right eye contact looks like it is not fitting snug against my eye. Does that make sense?

My eyes are exhausted but today I am trying them again. I guess I am just a glutton for punishment.

In other news, we are loving the new laptop. We don't like all the errors and weird stuff that is happening with it but everything else is just too cool. The husband never used to use the computer, now I cannot get him to leave it alone. I think we have a problem there. LOL!


  1. You've reminded me I need to pick up some lenses from my optician - I've been so busy lately it's completely slipped my mind! I have quite a severe astigmatism, so it's not possible for me to get perfect vision from contact lenses, and my eyes dry out staring at a computer screen all day. I do like to wear them for nights out though.

  2. I usually only wear them on holidays and nights out as well. I have never been able to wear them a full day so I don't know what I am thinking trying to wear them 3 days in a row. I wore them all day today and I am in such pain. Wearing them really is exhausting. If only my eyes were not so dry I think I would enjoy them more.

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