May 8, 2009

So the search begins, again.

I have spent most of my time this evening looking for available properties. I came across one that looks nice on the inside and is of newer construction. It is a 2-story (been there, done that) but I am willing to at least go and look at the place.

When a place looks promising I like to look at the Google satellite pictures to check out the surrounding neighborhood. Well, now I am not too sure of this place as it is right next to a huge business lot. One that has large bay doors like for semi-trucks or maybe auto repair. The back of the house overlooks this business lot. I still think I want to look at it though. I sent the listing to my Dad to see what he thought of the place. This is his response:

I had received an email on this listing,but I personally don't like it because.............
it's 2 story, frame stucco(harder to maintain if it has a lot of wood exposed)
and because it is ugly. (MY opinion)


Of course reason #3 is always the most important when it comes to selecting the right house. I really want a house that has character on the outside. I thought the house that we were going to buy did not really have any outside character. But I was willing to forgo that for the character the house had on the inside. Now this house that I am going to look at tomorrow. It does have character. Ugly character. But still that is better than nothing.

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  1. Good luck with the house hunt!
    Happy Mother's Day! ~amy Tara~

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