December 1, 2009

In an instant

The hubby and I have been renting movies from Netflix since they first started. When they started offering Instant Streaming of movies I thought it was a neat idea but since it was only available to view on the computer I did not use it very much. Then they started offering the option to view on your television. However to do that you had to either purchase one of their systems, have an Xbox and I think Tivo may have been another option. Having neither of these I just grumbled to myself and stopped paying any attention to that area of the service. That is until this past weekend.

When we received our last movie rental something caught my eye. An advertisement to view Netflix Instant Streaming movies via PS3. Well hey! I have one of those. So I went online and requested my disk. This thing is so cool! Once the disk is in the player the Netflix screen comes up. It is automatic. You don't even have to go to the website. Our Instant Queue popped up on the screen and so did other suggested items to view. The pickings are usually older films but a few newer ones are sprinkled in there. The hubby already watched a couple and I think it will work out great for me to watch all those foreign films that the hubs would not be too happy to have received on DVD.

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