December 4, 2009

Let's talk trees, Christmas trees

Did you know it's Christmas?

First there was Michael's, then JoAnn's, K-mart, Wally Mart, Big Lots & finally Kohl's. All this and still no tree. Oh we actually saw some, which is a big improvement over last year, we just could not decide which one we wanted. Each of us likes a different tree.

I have always promised myself that once we had the space, we would get a larger tree. Our current tree is under 5 feet. We have only ever had tiny trees. The day after Christmas (last year) we went shopping for a tree. We got to the stores too late I guess because every store was out. This year there are some good sales when it comes to trees. Now if we could just decide which one to buy.

So tell me...Do you already have your tree?

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