March 25, 2010

[Things I ♥ Thursday] Blue robin eggs

I have always had a fascination with robin eggs. There is just something about them that makes me stop and smile when I see them in a photo. Maybe it's their beautiful color, maybe it is because they remind me of Spring or maybe it is because I have never seen one in real life. Come to think of it...I don't even think I have ever seen an actual robin.

[Things I ♥ Thursday]  Blue robin eggs

1. Baby slow down, 2. Three, 3. robin's egg blue, 4. Robin's egg blue, 5. broken egg blues, 6. robin's eggs, 7. Cradled, 8. My adventures of mowing....2nd thing I almost mowed over., 9. T is for Teal., 10. The Robin's Nest, 11. Out Of The Blue (Robin Egg), 12. The Robin's Nest, 13. robins-egg

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