December 21, 2010

December changes

At work I have a huge data file/program conversion/update that needs to be complete by the new year. So my days have been filled with trying to complete as many cases as I can prior to this major conversion. I don't know how I missed it but I totally did not realize that this update needed to be done BEFORE the 31st.

I had simple plans of only taking one day off this year for Christmas. The official day off for the holiday this year is the 24th, Christmas Eve. The holiday schedule at work was changed and now the 23rd is also considered part of the holiday. That now gives me two days off from work. New Year's eve and the day prior were also part of this change. So I now have 2 MORE days off from work. I had pretty much figured at the beginning of the month that there was no way that I would have all my work completed before the end of the year, so this nice surprise of 4 days off is okay with me. I thought I planned to complete what work I could and then prior to my vacation next week I could process the conversion.

Today I found out that the programmers are off for the holiday until January 4th. Yikes! Guess who is converting tomorrow? Guess who is not even trained on said conversion changes? Guess what I will be studying over this holiday weekend?

But other than that everything else is going so well it feels kind of weird. All handmade presents are complete, all the shopping is done (save one present left for the hubby), presents have been mailed, other presents are currently in the process of being wrapped (in between writing this blog post and surfing) and Christmas cards have been mailed.

Just one more day left of work and then the fun and craziness really begins.


  1. What a lovely picture of (your?) cat. What kind of camera do you have?

    Good luck with the end of year rush !

  2. Thanks fruey. She is indeed mine. :-)

    The camera used on this photo is a Canon XT.

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