December 5, 2010

What's in your queue?

It all started with Weeds. 

I had heard of the show and recalled it was supposed to be really funny but since I didn't have Showtime I never watched it. But Netflix's instant streaming changed all that. Because of being able to instantly stream movies and shows to my T.V. I have been able to discover (and rediscover) a lot of television shows that I either missed the first time around, didn't have access to see them or just plain wanted to watch again.

Currently in my queue:

  • Hotel Babylon (series 2). Just starting watching this last week. I like it. The husband, not so much.

      • Dexter (season 4). Instant streaming got me hooked but now I have to wait for the disks in order to start watching this particular season....and I just now found out that the disks are not available yet. B.u.m.m.e.r.

          • Parks and Recreation (season 3). Just a silly show that I probably would not watch if it were on the actual television but it is a great quickie show to watch on my iPod while eating lunch. Oh...who am I kidding? I would totally watch this. LOL!

            • Six Feet Under. I saw a couple of episodes a few months ago when one of the television channels did a full day marathon and just had to add it to my queue. It only comes on disc though so it may take awhile until I get to watch them.


              • Weeds (season 6). The series that started it all. This season just finished airing so I think I may have to actually get Showtime if I want to watch this any time soon.

              • Better off Ted. If you haven't seen this, Portia de Rossi is the best! It's so funny! Can't wait to watch season 2.

                      • Survivors. Okay so this is no longer in my queue but if the show had not been canceled after 2 seasons, it totally would be.


                          How about you? What's in your queue?

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