October 6, 2012


Why do the days after a vacation or holiday always feel so long?

It has only been 6 days since my vacation ended but it feels so much longer than that. I cannot believe that it is FINALLY the weekend. I am exhausted!

The sad thing is, this past week I didn't do anything extra. I just went to work. At home I did nothing. I didn't even study. YIKES! I really do need to make up the time this weekend for the lack of studying but I also have laundry to do and dishes to wash. But then when I do wash the dishes I always feel guilty about not studying and when I do study I feel guilty that the dishes are not getting done. It is an endless cycle I tell ya!

So, instead of doing anything I find myself watching television. This past week I finished watching my current guilty pleasure and needed to find another.....Gossip Girl it is! Thanks Netflix. If it weren't for you, I would probably get a lot more done around here.

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