November 8, 2012


Have you seen this?

Instagram finally has its own web viewer. For someone who rarely uses Instagram, I sure am excited about it. I think it looks pretty neat. I love that I no longer have to make a decision on which web viewer to use (out of the many different web options that are available) when I want to share my personal Instagram page with someone. There are way too many out there to choose from and I keep changing my mind. I like to keep things nice and simple and the Instagram web viewer does just that.

My Instagram webpage

If you use Instagram and want to see your own personal Instagram web profile page, type the following web address in your browser: and replace YourUserName with your actual Instagram user name.

Oh and after you find your Instagram web page be sure to share your link in the comments because I would love to go and see your photos.


  1. It looks like you can't save photos from the viewer though, which is a bit of a pain for me today.

  2. You are right Lis. There seems to be no option at all to save the photo. :-(

    It is also a bit limited in that you cannot use the page to view your Instagram follower feed etc (like on Webstagram, Webbygram etc) but for a landing page to send people to, it is nice.

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