October 29, 2013


Eating... Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts. I have to say that these are my new favorite. They actually taste like real pumpkin and are not too sweet and fake tasting. It's a good thing that they are a limited edition or else I would be eating them all the time.

Shampooing.... the carpets. I spent the last two weekends (both Saturday and Sunday) shampooing all the carpet in the main rooms of my house. Seriously, this shampooing stuff is hard work. I hate that it takes so long. You have to move the machine so very slowly. I miss having hard floors, where all it took was a quick sweep and mop to keep it clean. I pity the person who is the first to get this carpet dirty.

Listening... to Lana Del Rey.

Watching... the 5th season of Sons of Anarchy. It's finally streaming on Netflix. I have never been able to watch this show in real time. I am always a year behind. The ability to watch any show that I want days, weeks or even years later is quite the awesome invention.


  1. I love Pop-Tarts! Sadly, they are one of the foods I miss from the states as they are not here in New Zealand. And pumpkin pie pop tarts sound good enough for a visit! How did you do that twitter box? It is really cool.

  2. Hi Rhonda, It's an embedded Tweet. Isn't it neat? I got the info to embed the Tweet right from Twitter. Open the Tweet you want to embed. On the bottom right of the Tweet should be a box with 3 dots. Click the box and there should be an option to embed the Tweet. Select that and you are given the code to paste into your blog.

    Thanks so much for the follow and re-tweet!

  3. Hi there! I am here from Art Every Day month, trying to get around to as many folks as I can... and I wanted to say welcome + I look forward to seeing more of your art here! Happy AEDM!

  4. Thank you for stopping by Julie Jordan Scott and for the AEDM welcome. I hope to be very arty this month! :-)

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