July 14, 2014

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 7

I have really dropped the ball when it comes to creating index cards for this year's ICAD challenge. I haven't been creating that many cards this year and it is taking me forever to photograph the few that I have done.

I created this index card last month. It's about time that I shared it. It doesn't help that my computer just gave me the dreaded blue screen of death right in the middle of trying to write this blog post causing me to re-write the entire thing. Not that this is a super long blog post or anything.

This card is a simple black ink doodle. I kept thinking it still needed something more. But now, I am embracing all the white space.

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 7
Supplies: Zig Millennium pen

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