September 12, 2014

Such an interesting creature

Morning visitor

Last month, I came across this morning visitor as I walked out to my car. I didn't have time to run back inside to grab my camera, so I quickly pulled out my iPod and took as many photos as I could.

Rustic Sphinx moth up close.

This giant moth is about the size of my hand. It's called a Rustic Sphinx Moth. It has awesome matte black eyes and it is covered in fur. It was so large that I could still see it all the way from the street as I drove away.

Such an interesting creature

It is such an interesting creature. Every time I look at these pictures it makes me happy that I got the chance to see one.

I know. I know. ANOTHER photo of a moth...

I know. I know. ANOTHER photo of a moth. But this one gives a better perspective of just how huge this thing really was.

Have you ever seen a Rustic Sphinx Moth?

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