September 1, 2014

The August Break 2014

This was my 3rd year taking part in The August Break.

The August Break originally started out as a blogging project, but this year, from what I could tell, it was more of an Instagram daily photo challenge. Even though there were over 400 blogs that had signed up, I really didn't find all that many that were actually posting the project on their blogs. It's sad really. I got tired of looking through the long list of blogs and kind of just gave up.

I did actually take more pictures this year, but I didn't get to share them. The main reason being that I was also trying to use my DSLR for this year's project and I didn't realize how much the lack of computer time would affect me and my ability to keep up with sharing my photos. Not to worry though, it just means I will have a bunch more photos to share in September.

Awwww September. How can you be here already?

The August Break 2014

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