August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015

We need a new front door.

Since the day we moved in we knew that we would eventually need to replace it. It is a wooden door and every year during Monsoon Season it swells so much that not only does it not close but once it is closed, it gets stuck.

The door has other issues as well. It hangs crooked and because of that you can see the sky peeking through the gap at the top of the door. The panels on the door are separating from the actual door so square cracks of light have been starting to peek through.

The other day, the door was stuck. When trying to open it, the door jam cracked in half and it tore the trim and some paint off of the wall. It looks just like someone kicked in the door. So, we started on our quest to find the perfect new door. A few days later, the door knob broke off. Which is most definitely a sign telling us that we need a new front door sooner rather than later.

 August Break 2015: Day 26

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